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SandWell PetroGas
Affiliate manufacturing of the following products:
Finned tubes
Pipes, tubes and plates (Alloy steel, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Nickel, Titanium)
Plate type heat exchangers
ERW pipes
Burners (Industrial) and duct burners
Coil Strips
Dish heads
Conveyor belts
Fired heaters

Service d’Inspection ASP.
Service d’inspection ASP is a registered company with the Government of Quebec in Canada.
Service d’inspection ASP- Group Thermoboil Inc.  provide the following services:
• Power Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspection support, for shop fabrication as well at site for Boiler assembly according to ASME Code.
• Boiler and Pressure Vessel periodic inspection in conformance with The National Board Inspection Code.
• Technical and Inspection support for in service repairs of Boilers and Pressure Vessels according to the NBIC Code.
• Supervision of None Destructive Examination or NDE Inspection.
• Technical support for Welding Procedure Specification as well for Procedure Qualification Record and of coarse for Welders Qualification Test according to ASME Code.
• Coaching for Quality Control System, for the fabrication of Boilers and Pressure Vessels according to ASME Code.
• Inspection and Certification of any Canadian second hand Boiler or Pressure Vessel.
• Technical support for Post Weld Heat Treatment (Stress Relieve).
• Engineering support for calculation of Pressure Vessel according to ASME Code.

Thermodesign Inc. (Licensing Agreement).  
The Thermodesign Inc is a company who has a licensing agreement with Group Thermoboil Inc to design the boiler and pressure vessels, calculation and drawings.
According to this agreement all engineering support is under the responsibility of Thermodesign Inc.

List of A _ D & O Type Boilers

List of Deaerators

List of Aquatube Boilers

The way Bitumen is heated and transported across has a tremendous impact on its organic and mechanical properties resulting in direct effect on the quality of the end use.
The number of times and the way Bitumen is heated would have a direct impact on all its application including quality of roads.
THB special tankers which we produce, accordingly, was developed to address all these issues simultaneously and ensure that direct benefits are provided to stakeholder.
You may be Bitumen producer, trader or a road contractor. THB is the solution to all your bitumen woes!!

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