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Inspection :
Group Thermoboil offers different type of inspection of Boilers, Pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers and piping to industry with the support of Service d’inspection ASP.
Services d’inspection ASP is a registered company with the Government of Quebec in Canada.

This company is the joint of
Group Thermoboil Inc. to provide the following services:
• Power Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspection support, for shop fabrication as well at site for Boiler assembly according to ASME Code.
• Boiler and Pressure Vessel periodic inspection in conformance with The National Board Inspection Code.
• Technical and Inspection support for in service repairs of Boilers and Pressure Vessels according to the NBIC Code.
• Supervision of None Destructive Examination or NDE Inspection.
• Technical support for Welding Procedure Specification as well for Procedure Qualification Record and of coarse for Welders Qualification Test according to ASME Code.
• Coaching for Quality Control System, for the fabrication of Boilers and Pressure Vessels according to ASME Code.
• Technical support for Post Weld Heat Treatment (Stress Relieve).
• Engineering support for calculation of Pressure Vessel according to ASME Code.

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