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Vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchangers :
GroupThermoboil Inc. is one of the best Canadian manufacturers of carbon steel pressure vessels built to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sect VIII, Div I, in and Middle East and Canada.

The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code is recognized world wide. However, we also have the capability to build vessels to the requirements of the US Coastguard, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's of London, Det Norske Veritas and other jurisdictions.
Many purchasers of non-pressure tanks also specify ASME Code construction in order to take advantage of the strict quality controls that the ASME demands.

All Thermoboil tanks, even non-code, are building to Code standards and are pressure tested before shipment.
The major atmospheric storage tanks designed and fabricated by Thermoboil has been designed according to API 650.
Meanwhile Thermoboil produce many types of heat exchangers for oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Product Range
In addition to the many variations of custom and standard air receivers and water storage tanks, our product range includes accumulators, blowdown tanks, expansion tanks, filter tanks, heat exchangers, hot water generators, hydropneumatic tanks, propane tanks, propane dispenser tanks, pressure vessels, refrigeration vessels, horizontal ammonia receivers, vertical ammonia receivers, thermosyphon receivers, ammonia surge drums, oil pots, scrubbers and separators.

As the supplier of the deaerator, Thermoboil is responsible for everything from the layout and design of the system, to the continued guaranteed performance of the unit. We take pride in having 100% of our units in operation meeting the guaranteed performance levels. While utilizing a strong basis of design, Thermoboil is continually researching and developing new and improved technology.

Thermoboil utilizes only ASME code certified welders for our fabrication needs. Our staffs are pre-qualified by our engineering and quality control staff to insure the finest quality fabricated product, with consistent on-time deliveries. Thermoboil is capable of having the deaerators made anywhere in the world, as the job site demands.

Fast Deliveries, Good Prices
Virtually all the steel we utilize is purchased in bulk direct from domestic  and international famous mills, and our huge inventory of raw materials ensures our customers the fastest possible delivery at realistic prices. We also have special arrangements with many major transort lines that mean that our top quality vessels can be delivered to your facility for far less than you would imagine.

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