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The Group was started for Design and fabricates the steam boiler, pressure vessels and other Oil, Gas and petrochemical equipments and later on, in due course of time, diversified into Supply of piping system, fittings, valves, instrumentation and control system and other miscellaneous fabricated items related to boiler and its auxiliary equipments. We have already worked for prestigious turnkey and other projects for leading Private and Public Sector Units.
We have full fledged design & Drawing groups manned by highly experienced technocrats to undertake various Engineering activities viz. Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Computerized Stress & Flexibility analysis, Computerized Structural Analysis etc.
Most of the Drawings & Designs are prepared on computers using latest international Software Packages available in the market.
Group Thermoboil is the agency of the following companies and we are working with our partners as a group to provide the best possible services for our client.
Our target is to providing the best quality services with the lowest possible price and the best after sale services for all of our clients.

Stoddard Silencers of Canada Inc.

We solve your industrial noise and vibration problems. We specialize in the design and manufacture of silencers for engines, rotary blowers, vents, compressors, vacuum pumps and turbines. We also offer a full line of catalyst converters, noise enclosures, and rectangular silencers. Our engineers can deliver the optimal silencing solution for your specific acoustical application.

Alghanem trading & contracting company
Supply is our job.
We uniquely provide the engineering products and services to industries, thus playing an important role in the development of the industrial sector, in addition to being a pioneer in supplying modern industrial equipment.
One sector of our engineering group provides the services of construction of cement factories as an EPC project.

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