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Company Profile :
Group Thermoboil Inc. is certified to perform field and shop fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Assembly of Power Boilers and Power Piping in accordance with the ASME Code. Our company is also certified for the field and shop repair and alterations of pressure retaining items in accordance with ASME Code and The National Board Inspection Code and Jurisdictional requirements.

Group Thermoboil Inc. employs ASME Code certified welders and has performed work using many different processes, to a large variety of materials.
Having demonstrated competence to perform work within the scope of the ASME Code, Group Thermoboil Inc. has been certified with the following symbols:

"U"  for the field and shop fabrication of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers.
"S"  for the field and shop fabrication of Power Boilers.

Supply :
Group Thermoboil Inc.-Farayand Bokhar are the representative of some multination companies to supply the industrial goods for power plants, oil & gas & petrochemical companies, boiler manufactures and many other industrial companies such as :
Pipes and fittings
Control and instrumentation
Bitumen special tankers
Forced draft fans
Desuper heaters
Analyzers and sampling systems
Blow down tanks
Pumping systems
Filters and separators
Chemical dosing systems Click on image to pop up larger photo
Conveyor belts
Finned tubes
Coil strips
Fired heaters

The President of
Group Thermoboil Inc. is a professional Boiler maker, certified by Canadian Boilermakers Association with more than 23 years of experience.

Group Thermoboil Inc. manufactures all water tube boilers with the license of Thermodesign Inc.(Canada) in Middle East.

The Group Thermoboil Company also has the ability to sell the second hand boilers or new ready to ship boilers from Canada to any company all around the word with one year guaranty.

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